Why Online PR?

Successful business use of the internet begins with a successful online public relations strategy. Online Public Relations and marketing are key building blocks to e-commerce or any successful online business venture. Online Public Relations helps lay the foundation for business by managing image. On the internet all Web sites have online public relations in common. Whether you manage it or not , your business or organization has an image. Through online PR your business can manage this image through the use of online media.

The potential market includes professionals who want to promote their company, client or not-for profit organizations, through an internet PR strategy.
A business week/ Harris poll indicates that more than one-fifth of the US households, or 40 million people browse the web. With the explosive popularity of the internet , many businesses and not for profit organizations are either already on the internet or are flocking to it to the tune of millions of dollars per year.

Once they discovered the internet as a viable consumer medium in 1994 & 1995, companies turned to the World Wide Web seeking new riches. Online commerce immediately became the Internet's holy grail for many companies, and the focus focus has been primarily on marketing, sales and advertising. Public Relations has been treated as an afterthought. However, in recent times PR has become one of the primary business functions served by the internet and the company web site.  

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