Behind Closed Doors
The Dark Legacy of the Johns Committee
A documentary produced by Allyson A. Beutke and Scott Litvack

Professor Sigmund Diettrich

On January 19, 1959, investigators summoned geography professor Sigmund Diettrich (photo at right) to the Manor Motel in Gainesville, Florida. Soon after, he was fired from his job and lost the life he loved at the University of Florida. He attempted suicide the same day he was let go from U.F. Hundreds of other professors and students across the state were also terminated or expelled because of their sexual preferences.

Why is this important?

Charley Johns

Behind Closed Doors is a television documentary produced by Allyson A. Beutke and Scott Litvack, two University of Florida graduates. It has aired on PBS stations in Florida and is available for purchase. Copies are $25 plus $3 for shipping and handling. Please email for more information.

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