Good News or Bad News For Shopping Malls?

In Missouri, the upscale Saint Louis Galleria issued an edict to its tenants barring them from advertising or promoting online sales sites at their stores. Galleria is believed to be the first mall in the country to bar its tenants from promoting "e-commerce" sites.

The owner of the Galleria is worried that some national retailers at the Galleria are routing some business away from the mall by promoting their online sites in their stores. The owner also believes that promoting such sites may be detrimental to other retailers and could be at the expense of the local employees and the local economy.

R. Scott Granneman, president of Application Logistics, believes that shopping malls won't turn into ghost towns anytime soon.

"Shopping is a social phenomenon," said Granneman. "People still like running into friends at the mall and doing the kinds of things you can't do online."

Granneman suggested that shopping malls would be smarter to support the Internet and e-commerce and use it to its advantage. One way he mentioned would be for the mall to install Internet terminals throughout the Galleria and charge for their use.

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