Everyone has heard about it and they either fear it or love it, but eventually everyone is going to be DOING IT!

Jazzed-up and overly commercialized…..Here comes E-commerce! Word of this new development is being spread by the most powerful force on earth: television advertising.

The biggest shopping season is upon us and you don't have to be deaf, dumb or blind not to be captivated by the endlessly helpful TV ads for Internet shopping.

Could this affect other businesses? You would think that catalogue businesses would go out of business, but they are all giving-in to e-commerce and thriving on it.

The worst affects will be felt by shopping malls. The Internet is now becoming "The Mother" of all shopping centers. Malls may loose their window shoppers to web shopping.

But everyone is still cautious about using it, even though it is estimated to make $6 to 10 billion in sales this year. Security is still an uncertainty that my make your quick and hassle-free on line shopping into a nightmare.

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