Tobacco related illnesses are the single most preventable cause of death in the United States. Nicotine is a powerfully addictive drug contained within tobacco that causes a dependency among millions of Americans. Teenage cigarette smoking is running rampant through schools around the country. Reasons for teenage smoking include advertising, fitting in, independence, and weight control. Of the many options parents have to prevent their child from smoking, talking to them can be most effective method. In order to stop the trend, the government must get more involved in laws and regulations pertaining to tobacco.


There is a grave need for something to be done about the increasing levels of teenage cigarette smoking. Ideally, presenting all the facts and figures relating to the negative effects of tobacco and taking action to stop the consumption of tobacco products the world could create a smokeless generation. Hopefully, there will soon be no need for smoke-free zones because the world will be a smoke-free zone. It is our job to help our children see through the smoke.


You can pass this information on to teachers, students, parents, or other principals. It can be used by teachers in health and/or science classes to inform students about the evils of cigarette smoking. Parents can use this vital information to raise smoke free children. Also, it may be used to assist parents with smoking children. Principals can give this report to their superiors in the hopes of implementing a required no smoking program in their school. The greater the awareness created about teenage smoking the easier the battle. Please consider the previous suggestions and help our smoke free future.

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Created by: Tracy Lynn Wise