Please note that all pictures have been borrowed from web sites acknowleged below. Research material has come from books and the web sties.

Web Sites: External Links

1. Neena Gulati's mastery of Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi and Odissi.

2.Shiva: the dancing Lord.

3.The Lord of Dance.

4.Shiva Photo.

5.Experience the Dance of Shiva.

6.A very aesthetic site on Classical Dance.

7.Lots of links in this Kuchipudi site!

8.An OK site on various dance forms.

9.An excellent and informative site which I have used not once but twice.

10.An informative site with an outrageous sense of design.

11.For those Kuchipudi enthusiasts.

12.The famous danseuse: Uma Sharma's Homepage.

13.A database of Indian Dance sites

14.A small art gallery of Indian miniature paintings.

15.A great source of Indian Paintings.

16.A Manipuri page.

17.Site on Indian Artefacts.

18.Kerala Dance pictures.

19.Stamp collection of Indian Dances.

20.A comprehensive Kerala site.

21.Great Kathakali pictures!

22.A few good Kathakali pictures.

23.A super database of dance schools all over the world.

24.Hand gestures in Classical Dance: Hastas.

25.An Interview with well-known Bharathanatyam performer Swati Bhise.

26.A brief look at the various dance forms.

27.Om Linga Dance School.

28.Nityagram in Bangalore.

Internal Links

1. Expressions

2.Kuchipudi II

3.Bharatanatyam II

4.Manipuri Pictures


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