The Dance Of Shiva

"with each step he took
he scattered stars in
with each movement of
his outstretched arms
he enveloped space and
with his long hair flying
in the wind
he dances in ecstacy to
the delight of his devotees"


A painstakingly crafted image of Shiva in a dancing pose known the world over as Nataraja, The King Of Dance.

One of the most enduring symbols of India is the figure of the Dancing Shiva, the Great Hindu God. Shiva's Cosmic Dance is believed to encompass creation, prese-
rvation, and destruction and this idea has been embedded in Hindu thought and ritual since the dawn of civilization.

In the symbolism of Shiva's Cosmic Dance is hidden a deep understanding of how our universe works, from the tiny atom to inconceivably immense intergalactic spa-
ces. Shiva's unending Dance of Creation, Preservation and Destruction is art, science and religion merged as one.
(from the "Introduction to the World's Most Ancient Religion: Saivite Hinduism.")


An intense experience.

The Significance of the Dance.

The Lord of Dance.

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