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There are several sites on the web that relate to this study. The web site is full of information that will help educate parents about the content of films before they take their children to see a potentially harmful film. The site has a listing for every film that is currently at theaters as well as many old films. Each film has an extensive write-up on it that includes; the plot, why it received the rating it did, a word to parents, and a rating from 1 to 10. The page also has a rating box with 15 categories, which are rated extreme, heavy, moderate, mild, minor, or none. The fifteen categories are then taken one by one and explained in great detail. The categories used include the following: alcohol or drug use, blood/gore, disrespectful/bad attitude, frightening scenes, guns/weapons, imitative behavior, jump scenes, music (scary/tense), music (inappropriate), profanity, sex/nudity, smoking, tense family scenes, topics to talk about, and violence.

The web site also linked to another movie review webpage called Screenit, which can be found at This page was very similar to the Parent website, but also included reviews on music and videos. There was a link to the comments that have been made by people that have used the website. Here is what some of the patrons had to say, "This has got to be the most important site on the net for parents who actually are about what their kids see." Another wrote, " You are a much needed tool in a world where families need as much help as they can get in raising their children." The author of this website made it clear that this site was not intended to be used as censorship as he said, "It is not right for others to decide what you or your children can see".

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