What is Web Art?

It seems likely that people will continue to attend museums, concerts, films, and read books for a long time to come. However, there must be some use for the net as an art form. I foresee the development of a totally new aesthetic outlet; one that has elements germane to older modes, but in their resynthesis, one that is completely unique.

What I will call Web Art, is not the same as what is currently being done by graphic designers and computer animators, who already have a presence on the Web. All of their amazing artwork has some ulterior purpose. Usually it is part of an overall marketing strategy-it has a direct correspondance to something outside the realm of the Web. Web Art will not exist to sell, promote, provide information, or be an online version of traditional forms.

If, as I am compelled to do, I follow my argument to its logical end, I must define what Web Art is. I'll come right out and say it. Web Art is art for art's sake. It will be the first significant new medium since the advent of motion pictures early this century. I have not yet seen a pure example of this form, but I suspect it will only be a matter of time. For a glimpse of what I envisage as Web Art go to the band Radiohead's website. It is entirely true that every web page (even this one!) had some artistic considerations in its design, but these considerations were compromised by other considerations, mainly utility. Art is never "useful."

Any new art form will develop conventions and techniques. Click here to read more about possible techniques and conventions.


What Is Web Art?

Possible Conventions and Techniques


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