Some Basic Terminology

For those who are considering entering the wonderful world of "Web Advertising", it is important to understand some of the terminalogy. The "Hit Rate" refers to the number of times that a web page is being accessed. However, counters of "hits" work differently.

Some counters tally the "raw" hits. If a page has images, the web browser has to "hit" the page for each image. A page that has three images using this type of counter would be hit four times(once for the page and three times for the images). So counters that count these "raw" hits would increase then number by four times even though the page had only been accessed once.

A more reliable tally of web traffic are counters that record the number of "visits". This type of counter only counts the number of users who access the page, regardless the number of images present on the page.

While hit rate is important to measure a site’s audience, it is not everything. It does not indicate how much attention a user will give an advertisement. Ads may go completely unnoticed because of placement or because the veiwer is on his or her way to another site.