Advertising History

Throughout history, technological advances have paved the way to new eras of human existence. In the 15th century, the invention of the printing press made mass quantities of text available to the general public. This outpour of information triggered radical change in people’s thinking and was mainly responsible for the Lutheran movement as well as other reformations.

In the 20th century, the introduction of the radio and television into households made information even more readily available to the public. They had a profound influence on the shaping of mass society, the effects of which can still be seen today. (Who could ever forget the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds?)

However, the introduction of the latest advance in communications has the potential to change society like no other invention in the history of mankind. The internet is a completely new type of media whose capablities remain largely untapped at this point in time. Never before has man had such a vast myriad of information at his fingertips and at the same moment been able to interact with it as well. No one can truly predict how this powerful media tool will influence our society, only time will tell.