Banner Basics

The most common type of advertisement used on internet today is the Ad Banners. Ad Banners are placed somewhere within a website to advertise a company or product. The banners are linked to the businesses own website so that when a interested user clicks on the banner, they are automatically brought to the website. Some Web sites change ad banners every ten minutes. This means that a viewer will not see every ad banner destined for a page unless they revisit it every ten minutes.

There are many different types of banners but there are some basic rules that should normally be followed. In designing a banner pay special attention to the color and graphic design. These are your most powerful tools in attracting the viewer’s attention. Avoid sites that have already have alot of flashy context or colors. These

characteristic lessen the likihood that a viewer will notice your ad banner. Sites to place your banner on should be choosen by the type of information or service they provide. It may be advantageous to choose a site which is in some way related to your product.

Any banner should be placed towards the middle of the webpage. This is because, some webpages take a long time for all the infromation to be loaded onto the viewer’s computer. The viewer may have already scrolled down past the banner by the time it appears on the screen. By placing your ad in the middle of the page, the viewer will be "walking" towards your advertisiment as it loads.