Professional Sites (5)

Photographer/Business Web Address Description
Tom DiPace Photography DiPace is a sports photographer. He has an impressive portrait section which include sports greats like Cal Ripkin, Mike Piazza and Ted Williams.
Darryl Bernstein Studio Berstein specializes in digital photography. He is an Adobe Photoshop wizard who uses vivid colors odd distortions blurring the boundary between the imaginary and reality. Some of his clients include Hallmark Cards, Sprint, Lee Jeans, Bayer and Coca-Cola.
Bart Larson/Serenity Larson has over 650 images of serene, often times, impressionistic scenery. Larson, a chaplain by profession, makes a third to half of his income from his photography and he uses a Pentax K1000.
Eric Meola Studio Meola is an editorial/advertising photographer. This clean, eye- catching site offers a link to the agency that maintains Meola's library of stock photography. His clients include Timberland and Johnny Walker.
Ian Lauder/Cyber Sea This award-winning site is mostly an educational site that includes mostly underwater photography. The site also includes links to other sites, underwater camera information and even a contest.
Gary Valle/Being There This adventure photography site includes climbing, skiing, kayaking and and other outdoor sports. The site is sinner of Microsoft Network's "Cool Site of the Week" award.