Notable People

Photographic Innovations(4 and 6)
People Description
Jean Claudet A Frenchman who became one of the first commercial photographers in London in 1841. He also invented the dark room read light. Claudet developed an accelerating process which reduced exposures by using chlorine instead of bromide
Christina Broom The first British female press photographer.
Frances Johnston Opened a photo studio in 1890 in Washington and was high in demand by celebrities. She also had several assignments in the White House.
Sir Cecil Beaton Beaton is most noted for his unusual settings, poses and backgrounds in his fashion photography for "Vogue" magazine. He also was the official photographer for the British royal family. who
Auguste and Louis In 1895, these brothers invented what was probably the first motion picture projector which they called a Cinematographe.
Margaret Bourke-White Bourke-White was an American who photographed Soviet industrial sites in 1934. In 1936, she reported from Europe for Life magazine.