Photographic history was made in the early part of last century, when French painter Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre made the first successful photos which included the following (6):

This process did have its drawbacks which included the following (6) : Other sources say that French inventor Joseph Niepce made the first photographic image using a bitumen-coated pewter plate exposed in a camera obscura, forerunner of the camera. (6) Many people would invent diverse tools and develop processes that would allow photography to be more than just an inexpensive pasttime. The following charts represents some to these inventions that helped shape the trade and art of photography into what it is today.

Historical Photographic Innovations
Photographic Innovations (4 and 6)
Dates Inventors Description
1827 Joseph Niepce The French inventor makes earliest known photos on record
1831 Louis Daguerre The French painter made nonpermanent photographs on silver plates coated with silver iodide
1851 Frederick Archer The artist and photographer introduced wet glass plates to expose negatives.
1861 James Maxwell The British physicist made the first color photograph
1889 George Eastman This American innovator invented the roll film
1925 Germany The 35mm camera was introduced in Germany.
1947 Edwin H. Land The Polaroid Land camera was based on a process which American physicist Edwin H. Land developed.