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In the decade we call the 90s', we have been fortunate enough to witness the spectacular growth and popularity of the internet and the World Wide Web. It is the new printing press, without the print and without the press, and its accessiblity has given a voice to the the voiceless, the disenfranchised and the disconnected.

Anyone with a modem and an internet connection can create web pages. People can now avoid the cost and the trouble associated with printing infomation on paper, and they won't be limited to printing only a few copies. All the prose, poetry and information from one person or small group can be read by millions of people worldwide with a click of a button. Try to do that with paper.

Electronic magazines, or e-zines, are the evolution of the crude, photocopied mini-magazines that used to be handed out in high school behind the teachers' backs. The crudeness is now replaced by animation, sounds or anything else an e-zine creator dreams up.

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