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Aired: April 1998 (1997 on BBC)
Network: PBS
Target Audience: Preschool


What is this? Educational? Where?

If you’ve never seen the show, Teletubbies is worth watching once just for the education of what the British think is educational. Ok, ok, so the Teletubbies are kind of cute (in their own freaky sort of way), but that does not make a good show. As a matter of fact, the whole show is kind of freaky.

The half hour show is really only about ten minutes long, but everything is repeated once or twice for some reason. It’s bad enough watching it the first time, but twice? There is this green land where four bright colored creatures with televisions in their stomachs and antennas on their heads live. The colors are interesting because all of them are bright, but the logo for the show is rendered with pastel pinks and blues. Yes the later are the traditional "baby" colors, but be consistent. Plus, there is this sun that is basically a bodiless head of an infant with golden glowing rays protruding from the child’s face. Every time the Teletubbies do anything, the face smiles and gives this kind of screeching scream. It’s just plain disturbing.

Point of Interest: In "Tub Thumping" out of Times Educational Supplement; October 24,1997, n4243, pages B11 through B12, Peggy Lawrence, one of the shows directors, speaks about how the main part of the show is the videos of real kids that the Teletubbies watch on the televisions on their stomachs. However, it’s really just a clip of a bad British home video that has nothing to do with the already pointless show. Also, how can it be the only thing discussible about the show by one of the directors when that segment only lasts a couple of minutes, including the repeat.

Teletubbies Online
Don’t be surprised, this site is very bright green. However, you can move around it easily. If for some reason you like the Teletubbies, check out the site.
I think this site has a lot of really cool stuff on it for Teletubby fans, but it is so busy I couldn’t even tell. If your just interested in checking out what this Teletubby thing is all about, don’t bother with is site. However, it you are a die-hard fan, you probably don’t want to miss it.


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