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I am currently studying Telecommunications through the Graduate program at the University of Florida, College of Journalism and Mass Communications, with an emphasis in educational television. I have a special interest in children’s educational television because I appreciate the influential nature of a child’s mind.

Children are open to everything around them. They’re senses work overtime to learn as much as they can. Sometime in a young person’s life, that person goes from a child wanting to learn it all, to a somewhat judgmental and close-minded adult. How can this be prevented? It starts with teaching a child at the earliest possible time not only to think and learn, but to LOVE thinking and learning. A child who is given this gift, will treasure it forever.

Learning should be fun! Entertainment and education CAN coexist. Coming from a family of teachers, I have inherited this desire to reach our country’s youth. With the ever growing support of the country for good children’s television and the educational technologies that are being developed everyday, I have the opportunity to reach, not a traditional classroom of children, but many, many more minds everyday.

Because you are here, I would hope that you at least share some of my feelings. I welcome your comments of any kind. Please contact me.


by Amber Renee Ford, University of Florida College of Journalism and Mass Communications
project for MMC 5015 Electronic Publishing, Fall 1998, Professor David Carlson
page last updated 12/03/98
E-mail Amber at arford@ufl.edu