Behind-the-scenes workers in the newsroom are the editors who work on the copy desk, which is sometimes also called the news desk or simply "the desk."

The word Rim is used synonymous with Copy Desk. This is the area where editors work. The word comes from the traditional design of many newsroom copy desks before the days of electronic editing. The editors who work on the stories are often referred to collectively as "the rim."

Editors perform a variety of tasks on the rim. Some of which include monitoring and sorting wire copy; dummy pages -- deciding which stories, photos, and graphics will run in the paper; edit stories; size the photos; write headlines and captions; and ensure that everything going into the paper is accurate and impartial.

As a matter of fact a story's life could be chronicled like this: reporter to the reporter's editor(frequently the city editor) to a copy editor to a makeup editor(frequently the news editor) to a copy desk chief or slot editor to a production floor editor to the presses -- wow, what a process!

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