1908 Born Martha Ellis Gellhorn in St. Louis N/A William Howard Taft elected 27th President
1926 Enrolled in Bryn Mawr College 42 poems published in The John Burroughs Review First transAtlantic radiotelephone conversation links London and New York
1929 Drops out of Bryn Mawr College Writing articles for the New Republic U.S. Stock Market crashes
1930 Departs for Paris Writes an article for Holland America Line to pay for passage 4,000,000 Americans unemployed by spring
1934 Returns to the United States Reports on the Roosevelt welfare policies for the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, publishes What Mad Pursuit Drought and dust storms turn the Great Plains into a Dust Bowl
1936 Meets Ernest Hemingway in Key West Publishes The Trouble I've Seen Franklin D. Roosevelt elected to a second term
1937 Reports with Hemingway From Madrid War correspondence for Collier's Weekly covering the Spanish Civil War The German derigible Hindenburg destroyed by fire
1938 Travels between Spain and Czechoslovakia, then back to U.S. Collier's war coverage, begins working on next novel President Roosevelt stresses need for a strong military, expresses shock by the increase of anti-Semitic activity in Germany
1939 Travels to Helsinki Reports on Russo-Finnish war Isolationist sentiment begins to disintegrate as Americans watch the spread of Facism across Europe
1940 Marries Hemingway Publishes A Stricken Field Germany overruns most of Scandanavia, Japanese enter Nanking
1941 Travels to China and Dutch East Indies Reports on Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese war, publishes Heart of Another Pearl Harbor bombed, U.S. declares war on Japan
1942 Conducts an investigative trip in the Caribbean Reports on military preparedness US bombers make their first raid on Europe
1943 Returs to Europe as a War Correspondent War reports sent from London Allied forces begin to take the offensive winning North Africa, Sicily and holding their own in the Pacific
1944 Travels to Italy, North Africa, Cuba, and back to London. Walks out on Hemingway, participates in the D-Day Invasion Publishes Liana Roosevelt elected to a fourth term, Allied troops liberate Paris
1945 Follows the 82d (Airborne) Division across Central Europe, visits Dachau, returns to the U.S. War Reports from Europe President Roosevelt dies, Japan and Germany surrender, General Patton dies in a car accident
1946 Travels to Java Reports on Dutch Indonesian conflict, Nuremburg Trials Economy begins healthy recovery, Russian "Cold War" begins
1948-1953 Lives in Mexico Publishes The Wine of AstonishmentandThe honeyed Peace Korean War begins and ends
1954-1962 Travels about Europe, Isreal, marries T.S. Matthews Publishes His Own Man, Two By Twoand a revised edition of The Face of War Mcarthyism, Nixon visits Moscow, JFK elected, Cuban Missile Crisis
1963-1978 Travels to Vietnam to cover the war for London's GuardianDivorces T.S. Matthews Publishes The Lowest Trees Have Tops, Pretty Tales for Tired People, The Weather in Africa, Vietnam: A New Kind of War and Travels With Myself and Another Vietnam, Man on the Moon, Nixon Resigns, Country's Bicentennial
1978-1997 Lives in London, travels to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba and Panama to cover conflicts Continues to freelance "Cold War" ends
February 16, 1998 Dies of cancer at her home in London

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