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(1) How many hours do you usually spend to surf the Internet an average weekday?:

(2) How many hours do you usually spend to surf the Internet an average weekend?:

(3) "When I click the banner advertisement, I visit this type of banner..." Check all that apply.

Fun & Games
Sci-Fi & Fringe
Home & Health
Business & Economy
Computer & Internet

(4) What aspects do you engage in when you click the banner?

play games
Sales promotion (cents-off)
If other, please specify:

(4) "I click the banner..." (1 to 7 point scale, For example, 1:Strongly disagree, 4: neutral, 7: Strongly agree)

1. because the design of banner is so good.
2. because it's interactive.
3. because it's enjoyable.
4. because it's simple.
5. because it contains word "click here."
6. because its size is big.
7. because it contains pull-down menu on the banner.
8. because it is placed at the top of the Web site.
9. because it uses colors that you like.
10. because it uses a lot of graphics.
11. because it uses animation.
12. because it is so creative.
13. because banner advertising can lead consumers to have more information.
14. because the content of the banner ad is compelling.
15. because you are more interested in the banner ad than Web pages you are viewing.
16. because of specificity of banner ad content
17. because of dynamic banner ads consisting of rotations of multiple frames of text or graphics
18. because of some kind of monetary incentive

(5) Any additional comments and suggestions?

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