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After fewer than three years as an industry, Internet advertising has grown rapidly and is expected to command an even larger portion of advertiser's media budgets within the next decade. According to Cyber Atlas data, the web has reached 10million consumers faster than any other technology in history. As such Internet advertising is going on more than we expect.

Banner advertising is important because Internet advertising begins with banners. Banner is rectangular graphics located at the tops or bottoms of home pages and other well-trafficked pages of a Website. Because the clicking the banner is important factor in Internet advertising, what factors include the clicking the banner is main point in Internet advertising.

[Worldwide Internet Users]

Internet usage will skyrocket to 766 million worldwide by 2005 with e-commerce revenues reaching $1.3 trillion by 2003:

  • In 2000 North America will represent 43 percent of the online population;
  • The U.S. accounted for 85 percent of all online ad revenues in 1999 and will keep more than two-thirds through 2004.;
  • Television audience are migrating to the net.
  • The net is the fastest growing medium in History
  • Internet demographics are a marketer's dream-Net users are young , well-educated and earn high incomes.
  • Web ad banners build brand awareness and may be better at generating awareness than television or print advertising.

The purpose of this web project is to inform audience of general concept of Internet advertising. This project will consist of six sections. First, what is Internet advertising? Second, How is the Internet advertising measured? Third, what is the Internet advertising trend? Fourth, What is the effectiveness of Internet advertising? Fifth, What is the banner advertising? Finally, online survey will deal with the banner advertising. Therefore, this site will not only include Internet advertising information, but also examine the important factors about the several characteristics of banner advertising.

  • Definition: What is the difference between Internet advertising and traditional advertising?.
  • Measurement: In traditional advertising, CPM (Cost per thousand) is used to determine the cost of reaching an audience. On the other hand, several different terms are used in Internet advertising.
  • Trend: Internet advertising is growing so fast. What factors are under thr growth?
  • Effectiveness: Internet Advertising Bureau found some effectiveness of Internet advertising through its studies.
  • Banner advertising: Some specific design method, size, and charcteristics of banner advertising are explained.
  • Survey: The survey about the banner advertising will be conducted.

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