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Advertising seeks to disseminate information in order to affect a buyer-seller transaction. But Internet advertising differs from other mediums by enabling consumers to directly interest with the advertisement. A consumer can click with his or her mouse on the ad for more information, or take the next step and purchase the product in the same online session.

Internet advertising also gives advertisers the opportunity to precisely target an audience, enabling them to deliver advertisements that are customized to each user's particular interests and tastes.

The Internet advertising has the following advantage.

  • Targetability-Internet advetisers can focus on users from specific companies, SIC codes, geographical regions and nations.
  • Tracking-Marketers can track how users interact with their brands and earn what is of interest to their current customs and prospective
  • Deliverability and flexibility- Internet ad is delivered in relative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 31 days a month.
  • Interactivity- A consumer can interact with product, test the product, and if he or she chooses to, buy the product.

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