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As we know, Internet advertising began with banners, those rectangular graphics located at the tops or bottoms of homepages and other well-trafficked pages of a Web site. Banners come in a range of sizes, but are usually around 7 inches wide by 1 inch deep.

Banner designs

Banners have evolved from static billboards, that users can click on to reach advertisers' Web sites to interactive advertisements that provide users with some sort of functionality.

Building better banners

Some hints to creating a responsive banner ad are:
  • Pay attention to placement - some sites will outperform others for an advertiser. The more focused a site is on the target audience, the better the response
  • Chart frequency- The number of times the same sees specific advertising
  • Call to action-The incentive should be relevant to the site on which you're advertising.
  • Add "Click here" to your banners-Banners with "Click here" consistently pull better from those without
  • Create a sense of urgency: Give users a reason to "Click now"
  • Do not use too much text: Encourage users to look at the banner with a simple offer and design
  • Incorporate animation: The banner is a small portion of the Web page, and there are a lot of other graphics and text competing for a user's attention. Animation makes a banner stand out.
  • Make good use of colors: Use colors that stand out. These will differ depending on the colors used by the site on which you are advertising.
  • Rotate banners. Using multiple banners throughout a campaign almost always increase response.

Banner Size: CASIE

(The Coalition for Advertising Supported Information & Entertainment) has set of recommended standards for banner sizes.

Size (Pixels) Type
486 X 60
392 X 72
234 X 60
125 X 125
120 X 90
120 X 60
88 X 31
120 X 240
Full banner
Full banner with vertical Navigation Bar
Half Banner
Square button
Button #1
Button #2
Micro button
Vertical Banner

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