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The growth of the Internet advertising industry is closely tied to the development of tools for measuring audience size, behavior and demographics. The web can measure audience behavior by counting the number of times an advertisement is seen, as well as the number of times someone responds to an ad by clicking on it. However, Web measurement has its limitation. It cannot determine, for example, whether an ad that is seen 1,000 times is seen 10 times by 100 people or one time by 1,000 people.

Internet advertising also gives advertisers the opportunity to precisely target an audience, enabling them to deliver advertisements that are customized to each user's particular interests and tastes.

Key terminology in Web measurement.

  • Hit: a record of each time a file is requested from a server. If a homepage consists of eight graphics as well as text, nine hits would be recorded each time that homepage is requested.
  • Request: The log file records each time a given HTML file is requested.
  • Visit: A series of requests made by one user during a specific time period, where a user is defined by a unique IP address.
  • Visit length:The period of time a person remains on a particular Web site
  • Referring URL: The URL from which a visitor accessed a site
  • IP address: Each computer that accesses a Web site has its own IP address.
  • Unique server: a single visitor to a Web site, identified by information provided through a registration form or some other identification system
  • Domain name:The domain name system is a computer naming system that translates the numeric Internet Protocol (IP) address into a more user-friendly word-based identification system
  • Grow exposure, impressions, ad views: These are advertising terms that denote the total number of times an ad is seen
  • Page views: The number of requests for a specific page that a server successfully delivered
  • Click through: When a user click his or her mouse on the "hot linked" advertisement-usually a banner or button.

Media Rating and Measurement Providers
Site Centric User Centric
I/Pro, Interse, NetCount, NetGenesity PC-Meter

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