1. Keep it simple- The power of good design is in its simplicity.

  2. Serve the needs of your audience- Make sure you clearly identify the needs of the audience and build a site that suits them. The final appearance is only the icing; it's the bigger, more difficult process of problem solving (i.e., building the cake) that matters.

  3. Don't be seduced by form versus content- The designer concerned with content is more likely to make a meaningful contribution than the designer who is primarily concerned with form. Back to Top

  4. Use white space- White space will help enhance readability and keep your visitor from feeling overwhelmed when viewing your site. Back to Top

  5. If it takes too long to download, go back to the drawing board- The most important aesthetic consideration is transmission speed. Back to Top

  6. Don't use too many fonts on your project- I'll say it again. Don't use too many fonts on your website. It tends to look cluttersome and confusing to your visitors. Back to Top

  7. When the final design seems too simple for the amount of work put into it, then you know you're done. Back to Top | Back to main