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Do high school students have the right to post "censored" articles online?

The purpose of this survey is for research. You don't have to fill in all the fields, but I appreciate as much as possible. Your results will remain anonymous. Thanks.
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Your Opinion on Censorship

Should high school administrators' have the right to choose which articles get printed in their school newspaper?

Do you think that censorship is a violation of your First Amendment rights?

How important are your First Amendment Rights to you?

How important is safety in schools?

Should high school students be allowed to post offensive comments about their fellow peers and school administrators on their personal Web sites from their home computers?

Can publications in a school newspaper effect the safety of students?

Additional Comments or Questions

Any additional comments or questions you may have on this subject matter.
Your input is important to me!

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Most Recent Update: November 30, 2000
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