The Turing Revolution

The idea of this site is to examine and explain the connection between two concepts: the Turing Machine and the digital revolution, or the ways in which computer technology is changing our world. Neal Stephenson's Novel Cryptonomicon connects the two brilliantly, and it gave me the initial idea for this project.


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The purpose is to provide something interesting for people with different knowledge levels about computer technology. Each page (listed on the left) outlines one part of the larger idea. The pages are in a logical order, but can be veiwed in any way. If you are already familiar with these issues, you may want to skip to the opinion and work back. If you have never heard of the Turing Machine, please start there.

The design is meant to help users find what interests them, without reading what does not. Blue links in the text open pop-up windows with definitions of important concepts. The column on the right has recommended links. These will open in their own windows, just close the window to return to the main site.

Please email me with any questions or comments. Enjoy!

Jason Osder

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