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Baker, Alicia Zeroes and Ones: Understanding Computer Language Micron Technologies, 10/98.
A guide to binary numbers and elementary computer code made for middle school kids, great explanations of how binary codes work in computer language, includes a section on the ASCII system. Great site!

Barlow, John Perry The Next Economy Of Ideas 10/2000.
Barnow takes the perspective that the digital revolution is indeed a cultural revolution, and it has already, essentially occurred. I like the way the issues are presented here.

Bicket, Douglas k.i.s.s. of the Panopticon University of Washington, 6/2000.
Interesting site I came across on critical theory that includes an entry on Turing. A very well designed site with an interesting perspective.

Cary, David data compression Rain Drop ( 2/16/99.
A great intro to data compression. Gives categories of compression, and briefly explains them theoretically, then provides links for more details. Very useful.

Carton, Sean (A) Will the Digital Music Industry Survive? 9/27/2000.
Napster versus the industry: basic explanation of issues, suggestions from a marketing perspective.

(B) MP3: The Genie Is Out of the Bottle 5/31/2000.
Napster vs. the industry: the product and the experience.

Compton's Encyclopedia OnlineRAM chip definition 1998.
This page is a pop-up description with a picture of a ram chip. The longer article on computers that it accompanies is also useful.

Cyganski, David Representation of Integers and Text as Binary Codes 2/98.
Good description of basic coding principles and techniques. Different categories provide detailed information that is easy to understand.

Ehrencrona, Andreas Alan Turing
A comprehensive site devoted to Turing. Many good explanations and examples, including several Java Script applets.

Hodges, Andrew The Alan Turing Home Page 9/5/2000.
This site accompanies Hodges' book on Turing. The book is the authoritative biography, and the site has won several awards.

Karr, Rick Digital Copyright 11/10/2000 All things Considered, National Public Radio.
Discussion of the recent passage of the Digital Millennium act, a law specifically target to protect intellectual property from illegal digital bootlegging.

Kowalik, John M. Alan Turing Fall 1995.
A brief bio of Turing by a student.

Kurzweil, Ray In the Age of Spiritual Machines1998 Penguin.
Kuzweil is a respected futurist. In his latest book, he speculates on the intelligence and abilities of machines to come.

Little, Martha Off the Rack: Money and Finance Magazines 9/2000.
A great discussion and synthesis of some of the important opinions about the Napster debate. Good references.

Mann, Charles (ed.)Roundtable 10/98 Atlantic Unbound (
A multi-participant discussion of the historical and philosophical aspects of Intellectual property.

The New York Times Music on the Internet
This page gives a listing of all New York Times articles that deal with the issues music and digital technology - a great resource!

O'Connor, J.J. and Robertson, E.F. Alan Mathison Turing 7/99.
A heady but breif description of Turing's life and work. Puts him in context with other mathmaticians of his time.

Stanfornd Encyclopedia of PhilosophyTuring Machine
Best consise definition of Turing Machine.

Stephenson, NealCryptonomicon Avon Books 1999.
This semi-historical novel has Turing as a character. In a sense, this site is an attempt to distil some of the themes of this book.

Webopedia 9/97.
Great definitions here. Not a lot of jargon, good images, comparisons, links. . .

What is Moore's Law? 2000, Intel.
Good description of Moore's law, happens to be on the intel site.

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