The Mystics Public Relations Programs

The WNBA and the Mystics are strongly devoted to serving their surrounding communities.

WNBA Programs

The two outreach initiatives the WNBA focuses on are WNBA Be Active and WNBA Breast Health Awareness. The WNBA teamed up with Nike to promote health and fitness to 11-to-14 year old boys and girls. The WNBA Be Active program's message is "Play Fit, Stay Fit." The program is conducted during the off-season between January and April and is held in each of the 16 cities with a WNBA franchise.

WNBA Breast Health Awareness is a partnership with the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organization and promotes breast health by holding awareness nights in all 16 WNBA arenas. Breast health guides are distributed and Sears donates 50 cents to NABCO for every fan that attends the Breast Health Awareness Night games.

The Mystics Programs

They Mystics do everything they can to give back to the surrounding area that they rely so heavily on by conducting their own community programs.

These include:

A Public Relations analyzation of the Mystics

Since the Mystics have one of the largest audiences in the WNBA, the team and organization maintain a great relationship with their public. The Mystics' appreciation for their fans is communicated through giveaway items, fan interactive games and the entertaining environment they provide. Also, the players are very aware of the important role that their fans play in the team's success, and often speak out in the media about the tremendous impact their fans have had on the team. It is evident that the Mystics value their fans. They realize that without them, they could not have achieved the great amount of success that they have, and try to do everything they can to give back and say thank you.

The organization's basic mission is to provide total quality entertainment at a low price. When Mystic fans attend games, they want them to be completely entertained and enjoy themselves. The Mystics provide family entertainment at an affordable price, and their fans value that.

The Mystics' fan base is made up of mostly families and women. The gender breakdown of people attending games is around 70/30 female/male. However, the TV audience is 50/50 and a majority of those viewers are under 18.

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