Behind the Scenes of the Mystics Public Relations Department

The Staff

The Mystics' staff is divided between people who work only for the Mystics and the people who also work for the Wizards during the Mystics' off-season.

The staff that only works for the Mystics are:

The staff that switches over to the Wizards during the Mystics' off-season consists of:

Who's in Charge of the Public Relations Department?

The director and assistant director make up the Mystics public relations department, as well as several interns and game-night volunteers during the season. The director of the Mystics, the vice-president of community relations and the vice-president of communications supervise the public relations department.

The PR Department's Job Description

The public relations department is the only department, aside from the community relations department, that works with the players and operations staff daily. They assist with media requests and disseminate information about the team to the public through a variety of media outlets. The public relations department also serves as the contacts for the Mystics staff. If someone needs a player for something, such as a charity event, or needs to get something signed, they have to go through either public relations or community relations.

How Do They Do It?

The overall goal of the Mystics public relations department is to make sure that the public and the media are informed about everything the Mystics are doing. This could include anything from how the team did in a game to what the players are doing around the community. In order to do their job properly, the director and assistant director communicate throughout the day by holding small meetings about current stories that were pitched, upcoming interviews and community events, and how or what the team is doing in games or practice. It is also important for the public relations department to know what the Mystics are doing with the community relations department so it can publicize the team. Therefore, they collaborate daily and hold department meetings weekly with the community relations staff to learn about the activities and events going on. The public relations department constantly seeks advice from the departments that oversee them, as well as from the MCI or Wizards public relations staff to ensure they are providing the best public relations possible to the organization.

The Mystics Publications

The Mystics have six different publications and an e-mail service provided to effectively maintain good communication with their key publics, the media and the fans. These include:

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