Research consists of investigating three aspects of the overall
public relations procedure: the client or organization for whom the
program is being prepared, the opportunity or problem that accounts for the program at the time, and all audiences to be targeted for communication in the public relations program.

Client Research:

The practitioner should be familiar with their client's financial
status, reputation, past and present public relations practices, and
public relations strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

The practitioner should also know about the marketing, legal,
and finacial functions of the organization in order to coordinate
them with the public relations efforts.

Opportunity or Problem Research:

The second aspect of research consists of determining why the
organization should conduct a public relations program at a
particular time.

Generally public relations programs are designed because of a
unique opportunity to favorably influence public opinion or
behavior toward a client, or in response to the development of
unfavorable opinion or behavior toward a client.

Audience Research:

The third aspect of research in the public relations process
involves investigating the target audiences.

This part of the research process includes identifying the
particluar groups that should be targeted, determining appropriate
research data that will be useful in communicating with these
publics, and compiling or processing the data using appropriate
research procedures.