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NBC/General Electric

Yes folks, General Electric. Military contract holding, nuclear power plant running General Electric owns Tom Brokaw.


ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, A&E, and Lifetime. After the Telecommunications Act of 1996 the Walt Disney Corporation bought Capital Cities/ABC Network. Which includes the four cable networks. What else does Disney own? Everything Time Warner doesn't.
"The company owns five film studios (including Touchstone Pictures and Miramax Pictures); two record companies; three printing companies; four magazines; Walt Disney theme parks in California, Florida, Tokyo and Paris; and the Mighty Ducks National Hockey League franchise. Disney added the ABC Television Network (with 225 affiliated stations); ten broadcast television stations (reaching 25 percent of the U.S. market); four cable TV networks (ESPN (which launched in 1979), ESPN2, Lifetime Television (launched in 1984, formerly the Cable Health Network), and A&E; Television); 21 radio stations; two publishing companies; seven daily newspapers; and six international media companies in Luxembourg, Paris, London, Tokyo and Munich."


Wait didn't Westinghouse let GE buy them out of NBC so many years ago? Yes, but decided to jump back in the ring in August 1995. Destroys chemical weapons, cleans up nuclear waste, and owns Howard Stern. Anything to get to heaven.
" Westinghouse boasted direct ownership of fifteen television stations covering one-third of the nation's viewers. In June, 1996, Westinghouse purchased the Infinity Broadcasting Corporation for $3.9 billion. Infinity owned 44 radio stations across the country, including New York City's KROC which broadcasts the nationally syndicated Howard Stern Show.

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