August 19, 1994 AOL merges with Redgate Communications a multimedia publishing company specializing in CD-ROMS.

November 11, 1994 AOL declares "war" on Microsoft. AOL is determined to beat Microsoft when their new online service comes out. 1994 Prodigy announces plans to provide users with access to the Web.

December 1994 AOL buys BookLink Technologies and NaviSoft Inc. BookLink was a well regarded browser at that time. NaviSoft produced high-end Web publishing and development tools.

November 1994 AOL creates the Greenhouse an in house content studio. AOL would provide money and distribution for the start up sites.

February 1995 AOL acquires ANS a commercial Internet access provider.

March 1, 1995 AOL and Bertlsmann AG, a German medial company, team up to create a European online service.

April 3, 1995 First content producers are announced, The eGG, a gourmet guide, Health responsibility Systems, health site, InterZine Productions, creators of iGOLF area, The Motley Fool, a financial site, NetNoir, Afrocentric cultural site, and World Pulse, a fitness area.

May 1995 AOL buys Medior an interactive media company to improve AOL's look and feel and Wide Area Information Servers Inc. a maker of Internet tools.

May 18, 1995 Bill Von Meister dies. Steve Case and Marc Seriff attend the funeral. Case said that without Von Meister there might not have been an AOL.

June 1995 AOL buys Global Network Navigator and gets the WebCrawler search tool.

August 1995 Lawsuit filed against AOL for adding 15 seconds onto every user's session online for connection purposes.

August 24, 1995 MSN launches

January 1996 Case makes a proposal to Netscape to become the Internet browser for AOL.

February 1996 AOL has 5 million members.

March 7, 1996 AOL makes a deal to take on eWorld's subscribers.