February1991 DOS version of AOL is launched.

1991 The Tribune Company was looking for deals it could make in the new media market and invested in Quantum. They were looking for someone to help them design an online service for the Chicago Tribune. Quantum agreed to produce local versions of AOL for the Tribune Company. The Tribune Company invested $5 million for a 9% stake of 255,964 shares.

October 1991 Quantum becomes America Online Inc.

March 19, 1992 AOL goes public on the NASDAQ offering two million shares for $11.50 each.

April 30, 1992 Paul Allen, Bill Gates partner, announces his intentions to buy AOL.

1992 Executives from AOL meet with Bill Gates about the possibility of running a service for Microsoft.

May 11, 1992 Allen meets with executives from AOL who tell him the company is not for sale. Also on this day Gates officially approves a plan to create a rival service for AOL. This service would later become MSN.

October 8, 1992 Walt Mossberg writes in an article about online services for the Wall Street Journal, "I see America Online as the sophisticated wave of the future among such services."

December 1992 AOL licenses software to Apple. This software would become eWorld.

January 1993 AOL launches windows version. Links to graphics

July 1993 Jan Brandt starts sending AOL disks in the mail.

1993 Case goes on a "Getting America Online" road tour to promote the new windows version of AOL.

December 1993 Prodigy comes out with a windows version of their service.

1994 Internet Service Providers start to pop up.