After the deal with Commodore and Apple Case convinces Tandy to allow Quantum to build PC-Linka service for their DeskMate computer. The DeskMate was expected to be the next big thing. The service would be called PC-Link and was launched in August of 1988. The Tandy deal irritated Apple who expected all of Quantum's time and resources to be concentrated on the AppleLink service. Quantum was determined to be linked with as many platforms as possible.

PC-Link is extensive and family oriented. Two levels of service are available: PC-Link and PC-Link Plus. $9.95 per month provides unlimited access to PC-Link and one hour of access to PC-Link Plus. After the first hour the user is billed fifteen cents per minute in PC-Link Plus. News and reference services are located PC-Linkon the first level with more advanced computer hardware and software forums on the PC-Link Plus level. The service features a good graphic interface for ease of use and a variety of offerings, classes and conferences. File uploads and downloads are available. Previous information courtesy of