March 11, 1996 AOL announces alliance with Netscape.

March 12, 1996 AOL announces Microsoft will be the official AOL browser. In exchange AOL got placement on the Windows desktop.

March 31, 1996 e-World shuts down

May 30, 1996 AOL hits six million members.

June 1996 AOL agrees to award users 1 free hour as a result of the lawsuit.

July 1, 1996 20/20 plan announced, twenty minutes for twenty dollars as a reaction to other services lowering their rates.

August 7, 1996 AOL has a system outage for almost an entire day because of server routing problems.

October 10, 1996 MSN announces $19.59 flat rate for unlimited internet access.

December 1, 1996 AOL's $19.95 flat rate for unlimited access starts.

1997 Busy signals keep AOL members from being able to log on. AOL's system is overloaded with people and they don't have the server capacity to handle them.

January 16 1997 AOL invests $100 million in it's network.

January 26, 1997 CompuServe airs a commercial during the Superbowl making fun of AOL's dial up troubles and giving the number 1-888-NOTBUSY

January 27, 1997 New York Attorney General informs AOL that he is going to sue them for repeated deceptive acts, false advertising and fraud. AOL was not considering blanket refunds for members.

March 4, 1997 AOL's chatrooms are opened to advertisers.

September 8, 1997 WorldCom buys CompuServe. WorldCom then trades the internet access to AOL in exchange for AOL's ANS, a commercial Internet access provider, service. MSN tries to pick up people who are unhappy with the buyout.

November 24, 1998 AOL buys Netscape

June 8,1998 AOL buys ICQ messenger service.