Started November 1, 1985 as a service for the Commidore 64 machine. The system ran through the night but signed off at 10am so that programmers and content producers could fix problems.The system was up all day on weekends and holidays. The service cost 9.95 a month plus 6 cents a minute for access to premium areas. Some of these areas were news, soap opera updates and games. A chat service called People Connection was barrowed from the PlayNet software.

Q-Link had a few initial problems one night more than sixty users were on the system and Q-Link froze. These outages were a major problem at that time. Seriff and his team managed to get the system up and running for two weeks without a total collapse which was a major step for the service. Quantum tired a variety of ways to get people on the service including contests and treasure hunts on the service. Quantum was counting on the promotion by Commidore for the majority of its subscribers. Case thought that they would set the service in motion and then Commidore would do all of the promotion for the service. This was not the case because the service was not a priority because Commidore had other internal problems to deal with. By January of 1986 Q-Link had only 10,000 users. In 1987 the market share begins to decline and Quantum worries that they will not be able to pay back the money barrowed for the project.