William R. Maples

Superimposed image of Maples and human skull

A forensic anthropologist from the University of Florida who worked on cases around the world and in his own backyard. Dr. Maples served on a team of experts to help identify the bones of the murdered Tsar and his family, the Romanovs. He also aided the identification of the misplaced bones of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Dr. Maples was called in to determine if former President Zachary Taylor was the first president assassinated. While Dr. Maples worked on many famous historical cases, he also spent much of his time solving local mysteries across the state of Florida. As he stated in one of his TV interviews,

"Forensic anthropologists work with the bones, forensic pathologist, medical examiner, gets the easy stuff, when it gets difficult because of decomposition, dismemberment, mutilation or something like that, that's when they call someone like me in." --William R. Maples