Unfleshed-The Film

Interview with Michael Browning Currently in production is a film on the Life and Work of Dr. William R. Maples. The film will cover his early childhood experiences which led to his later interest in forensic anthropology, the time he spent in Africa, the development of his career with work on such cases as Francisco Pizarro, the Meek-Jennings case, and the Romanov case. It will also examine the years leading up to his own death in 1997 of brain cancer.

On a shoot in Texas The film is being produced by a team of student filmmakers from the University of Florida, Documentary Institute, as part of their master's thesis work. The team includes Semi Aboud, Raquel Garcia and Robin Maxey. We are currently in production and the film will be completed in April of 2001. The films title will be Unfleshed- The Life and Work of Dr. William R. Maples. The piece will be approximately 60 minutes in length and we will post a listing of where it will be showing after April of 2001.

Much of the information for this website and the film production has come from Dr. Maples' book Dead Men Do Tell Tales, and from his wife, Margaret, who has been a tremendous help in putting together information and contacts for the film and the website. We would also like to thank Dr. Maples' co-author, Michael Browning, and all of Maples' collegues who consented to interviews with us, and provided information about Dr. Maples personally and professionally.