The Florida Citrus Commission

The Florida Citrus Commission consists of 12 members appointed by the governor. They each serve 3 year terms. They represent all aspects of the citrus industry, including growers, processors, shippers and packers. The commission oversees and guides the activities of the Department of Citrus and must approve all actions and budgets.

The Department of Citrus carries out Commission policy and acts as the commissionís staff by conducting a wide variety of programs, involving marketing research and regulation. Marketing makes up the bulk of the Departmentís workload. In fact 90% of the budget is spent on advertising and promotion activities for Florida citrus in the Us, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Florida Department of Citrus Staff

The Florida Department of Citrus is structured into business units. This means that parts of the staff work on different sections of the citrus industry.

There is the processed business unit which is responsible for developing advertising and programs in support of Florida orange juice only.

The fresh business unit is all about the business of promoting all varieties of fresh Florida citrus as well as Florida grapefruit juice.

The international marketing business unit promotes all of the Florida citrus products in Europe and Asia.

And finally, the foodservice business unit makes programs to enhance the promotion of Florida Citrus products through places like schools, restaurants and prisons.


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