The Problem
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Purpose of the anti-tobacco sites
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Internet as a tool

The Goals
Kids Garb.

It is safe to say all of these youth anti-tobacco sites share a common purpose, that is, fighting to free America's youth from tobacco.

  • Promoting supportive public policies throughout the United States.
  • Implementing youth advocacy programs that help kids make a difference.
  • Providing support, information and materials to organizations dedicated to keeping kids tobacco free.
  • Supplying individuals with the information they need to take action against tobacco.
  • Executing education and media campaigns and events that expose tobacco industry efforts to entice children into smoking and to mislead the public about the health hazards of its products.
  • Researching and analyzing youth tobacco use and tobacco industry practices.
  • Serving as a resource for the media and policymakers.
  • Organizing international programs with organizations and activists in other countries to promote tobacco-free lives worldwide.

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