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The Products
Some of these sites are owned and run by anti-tobacco organizations, and they sell anti-tobacco products, like books, slides, and posters. These products is helpful in anti-tobacco propaganda and in helping youth be aware of the harm of tobacco and keep away from it.
Say Goodbye to Camel Joe- VIDEOTAPEVideotape:Say Goodbye to Camel Joe
A fast paced, "MTV style" video where teens talk about the deceptive advertising techniques used by the tobacco industry to target children. Ideal for use in media studies or tobacco education.
Booklet:How to Butt In
The booklet is packed with ideas that help youth find their voice and work to create change in their community. The booklet walks through the steps necessary to identify aproblem and work towards its solution.
How to Butt In
The ideas and skills provided in the guide apply to both tobacco and to other issues that affect their lives.
Book:The STAT Spit Tobacco Speakers Guide and Slide Collection
A historical perspective of spit tobacco: statistics, marketing practices, health effects, and messages youth need to know.
The STAT Spit Tobacco Speakers Guide and Slide Collection
Door Plaque Door Plaque
Two silkscreen colors on an elegant gold tone aluminium with sponge tape hesive.


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