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Tobacco News

The news section reports update and interesting news features involving youth and tobacco, keeping youth about important happenings in the world. Usually, the news sections include the following categories:

News about tobacco

This news intends to inform youth of the recent scientific findings about the harmness of tobacco consuming. For example, "A new study found that teen smokers are more likely to develop anxiety disorders in adulthood..."

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News about anti-tobacco programs

This news reviews the most updated tobacco-free campaignand programs all over the nation. For example, "School Project Aimed At Helping Peers Be Tobacco Free: Students in South Carolina researched, wrote and created books and multimedia presentations about smoking that will be given to the four district middle schools..."

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News about the federal and state enactments

There is a bunch of news about the update federal and state enactments concerning tobacco, because they will directly influence the anti-tobacco campaign. For example, "The US Supreme Court ruled that the FDA does not have the authority to regulate tobacco as a drug delivery system." What 's more, analyses about the potential influences of these enactments are usually offered.

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News about treatment

This kind news introduces the latest drug therapies and techniques for kicking the tobacco habit and the programs that help to quit smoking. For example, " computer program helps to smokers quit: New study found that a computer self-help program, along with nicotine gum, has a high success rate in helping smokers to kick the habit..."

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