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Youth, Tobacco, and the Internet

Type the phrase "anti tobacco" into an Internet search engine, and you'll find dozens of Youth and Tobacco sites. These sites tell us about what is the problem facing youth today, how do the tobacco companies target youth, and how youth use the Internet to get organized and struggle with tobacco. Some of the sites are run by individuals, some of them are run by youth’ group, and some are run by health communication programs of the universities. In my project, I will explore the relationships among tobacco, youth, and the Internet.

My project is consist of six parts:

  • Problem: Why smoking prevention factors, especially those directed at the youth, are critical.
  • Tobacco Ads: Whom are tobacco ads aimed towards? How do advertisements affect youth's decisions? Why do tobacco companies want youth as new customers? How do tobacco companies trap youth?
  • The Purpose: The types of youth's anti-tobacco sites, and their purpose.
  • Anti-tobacco Sites: A youth's anti-tobacco site usually includes such sections as The facts, Tobacco news, The products, and True advertisements.
  • Internet as a tool: Why do youth turn to Internet to promote anti-tobacco campaign, and how do they use the Internet as a tool to communicate, get organized and promote anti-tobacco campaign.
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