3500 B.C.- Babylonians Stone Tablets writing idea
2500 B.C.- The Chinese invent the Abacus (similar to a calculator)
2000 B.C.- Phoenicians use Clay Tablets for writing and invent Alphabet
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1450- Guttenburg Press, first printing press begins mass distribution of data
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1642- Blaise Pascal invents Pascaline, machine can add, subtract, and carry 10's
1673- Gottfried von Leibniz invents Stepped Reckoner, machine can add, subtract, divide, multiply, and find the square root
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1801- Joseph Jacquard invents Punched Card idea for his Jacquard loom for weaving rugs
1812- Slide Rule invented
1820's- Charles Babbage (the father of computers) designs the Analytical Engine, the first computer, but it was too advanced to be built
1820's and 30's- Babbage's assistant Ada Byron writes first programs to go with the Analytical Engine
1830- Samuel Morse invents the Telegraph
1843- Alexander Bain transmits alphabet characters over the air
1847- Frederick Bakewell transmits handwriting over the air
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1876- Alexander Bell invents the telephone
1877- Thomas Edison invents the phonograph
1880- Maurice LeBlanc invents a method for transmitting moving images over the air
1890- Herman Hollerith forms IBM when he builds the International Business Machine for calculating the census results
1894- Marconi invents the radio
1897- Karl Braun invents the Cathoderay Tube
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1909- Georges Rignoux and Prof. A. Fournier build the first real television system
1920- KDKA, the first commercial radio station by Westinghouse is in operation
1925- Vladimir Zworykin builds the first all-electric television
1927- The American Television and Phone Company gives the first television demonstration
1936- The eleventh Olympic Games are broadcast from Berlin, Germany
1937- Marconi's television is chosen as the standard for TV's
1938- David Sarnoff opens the first television service in the United States
1941- Commercial Broadcasting programs debut in the United States
1944- Howard Aiken builds the first and only electromechanical computer, the Mark I
1946- Mauchley and Eckert build the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator) for the United States Navy
1948- The invention of the Transistor makes computers ten times stronger and more powerful
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1950's- John von Neumann comes up with the idea for program storage
1951- Mauchley and Eckert build the UNIVAC, the first general purpose computer for businesses
1964- Color TV invented
1978- Japan invents High Definition Television
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