The future poses thousands of possibilities. Authorities differ on their ideas of the future of television and the computer. Some people predict the two medias will converge with the television model still being in use. Other people predict the computer will be the dominant medium with the capability of television functions. Some people still believe HDTV is the wave of the future. Here are my predictions:

Digital broadcasting will integrate all broadcast services into a single entity. The "boob tube" is a dying breed. On the horizon is the telecomputer, a personal computer adapted for video with any number of possibilities. The telecomputer will use a two-way system over fiber-optic cables. Fiber-optics have a much wider bandwidth than current phone lines and other internet connections. The larger bandwidth will allow much more information to flow from computer to computer on an unlimited number of channels. The cables will connect all telecomputers in the world.

The user will speak to the telecomputer to access software. Using the telecomputer, users can communicate just like using a phone only video is also added. News programs will become multimedia. For example, when watching a news story, the user can access the video footage not used in the story. Users can access news stories from anywhere in the world. If someone is watching a sports story, the user can access statistics, highlights, and player information. Kids can do their homework with a teacher looking over them. Interactive channel forums will allow people to discuss their favorite topics face to face with other people who have the same interests. Stories and movies can be made with multiple story lines enabling the user to choose their own new path. Movies may someday have virtual reality capabilities and interactive portions.

Instead of watching your favorite stars on the screen, you can interact with them. Celebrities can produce and sell their own software to make them available for two-way personal communication (George Gilder). Anyone will be able to attend lectures and interactive courses to further their education. Business travel will become optional with teleconferencing becoming more widely used.

My predictions are only a jumping off point. The future will expand television and computers to new heights never thought before.

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