In order for television and computers to converge into one medium, scientists must first improve on certain technologies. Over the next ten years the airwaves will become crowded with cellular telephones and television signals. Currently the bandwidth connecting computers to each other is too small for streaming video to be a reality. When the United States is completely wired with fiber optic cables, convergence will have a chance(Nicholas Negroporite). The cost of a fiber optic system is between one-hundred and three-hundred billion dollars. No one will be immediately willing to pay that much money out of their own pocket.

The Government may have to remove certain regulations keeping corporations from working in both industries because the Baby Bells won't develop computer software until they are allowed to be in the computer business. Four events are key to advancing the technology: (George Gilder)

Computer screens will be High Definition compatible before people will want to watch television on a computer screen. There are a number of different ways television and computers can converge. Companies will have to communicate and work together to combine television and computers in such a way that each new set will be compatible with those made by other companies. The VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) must designate the standards for convergence.

Finally, the overall cost of computers will have to go down before the average American public can afford to pay for it. Although United States citizens have more computers than any other country, citizens with less money will not be able to pay for a telecomputer to replace their TV.

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