Some types of body modifications

This list is not conclusive. Other types of body modifications exist. Visit the links to learn more.

Tattooing more
a permanent insertion of color under the skin

Piercing more
"piercing the body with a hollow gauge needle and inserting surgical grade steel (or gold, titanium, surgical plastic) jewellery into the tongue, nipples, nostril, naval, lips, labia, eyebrow, ear cartilage, ear lobe, ear tragus, perineum, penis, scrotum, septum, clitoral hood and clitoris proper"(3)
*not considered a body mod by some because most can be removed leaving little or no mark(2) Pocketing-a reverse piercing--ie. enclosing the ends of the jewlery into the skin(3)

Scarification the creation, by whatever technique, of permanent scars on any part of the skin done deliberately and consciously

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voluntary removal of body parts (fingers, hands, ears etc.)

Cosmetic Surgery
a generic term for a variety of surgical procedures unrelated to disease or health and motivated by the personal desire to look different. (liposuction, breast implants, face lifts, nose jobs etc.)(1)

Gender Modification
done by people (called transsexuals) who are unhappy with their gender assignment and permanently alter their bodies through hormones and surgical procedures(4)

In addition, conscious attention to diet and exercise are common modes of body modification.

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