There are some strawberry u-pick farms in Florida open during the entire season (December -April). However, most commercial farms do not open their fields to u-pickers until the end of the season which is usually in April (depending on the weather). The best way to find what fields are open is to check your local newspaper section. You can also check out the Florida Strawberry Growers Association website at www.straw-berry.org The u-pick link will list the farms and addresses that have contacted the Association to let us know they are open for business.

Dress comfortably. Wear loose fitting clothing. Wear a hat or cap and bring sunscreen.

Bring your own containers.

If you plan to spend the day, take ice to keep berries cool.

Select only firm ripe berries. Be careful not to remove the tops of the berries.

Make an effort to pick every ripe berry on each plant rather than jumping from plant to plant and row to row. The growers will appreciate your consideration and you will reduce the amount of strawberries that are left sitting in the field.

To add strawberries to your garden, plants can be purchased at local home and garden centers usually after October. For more information on planting and taking care of your strawberry plant contact your local extension office.

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